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How @10Bucks Works

How To Sell

  1. Create a new job for a service which you enjoy doing and feel can offer well.
  2. Share your job using our social bookmarking tools – Add a video discription if you can. Video descriptions will make a big difference and help you gain trust.
  3. You will be notified when someone orders your job.
  4. After you deliver your work we will credit your account with the amount earned -$1.
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  6. Withdraw your earnings to your savings account.
  7. Save your money and wait for the right investment.

How To Buy

  1. Find a job you like and place an order, consider it's value.
  2. Once you order you will be redirected and prompted by a payment gateway.
  3. Track the seller's progress, communicate and exchange files.
  4. Receive your finished work.
  5. You can request fixes from the seller if it is not what you wanted.
  6. Provide feedback on the seller and job – Be Constructive, positive, and keep it cool!

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