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About Us

The Marketplace for services starting @10bucks

The Marketplace for services starting @10bucks
@10 is is a great way to find people with the same interests that you have; but most of all, it’s a site where you can use your special services and skills to help others and vice verso.

As a vendor, you will have the opportunity to build your repertory. Everyone wants good value @10 is there to ensure that all skills provide great value. Discover why more and more people are getting on to

And if you get stuck, more than often is an operator on-line and is more than happy to assist you should you require.
Best of all, the platform is the people, you get what i mean..  so your  feedback is welcomed in a constructional manner.  So if anything comes to mind, please let us know.

Message from the founder:
In a world with vast changes and uncertainty, the future belongs to no one, thus one must leave no room for mediocrity, doubt or regret and only quick calculated decisions.

Best regards,

Team At10


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